Application Procedure

  • Get an application form at the MPKB-BRI
  • Complete form correctly and in full.
  • Attachments:
  1. Copy of business registration
  2. Copy of location plan
  3. Copy of Fire & Safety Certification (if relevant)
  4. A copy of the health certificate or letter of certificate of health (for food and beverage license application)
  5. 2 copies of passport photo
  6. Application fee
  • Submit all documents to the MPKB-BRI


  1. Upkeep of premise cleanliness at all times.
  2. Do not store business goods and equipment outside the premise.
  3. Provide sufficient fire emergency apparatus
  4. License holder and food handler to undergo health checks annually
  5. Uphold hygienic practices when handling food and at food storage areas
  6. Female workers/entrepreneurs must be suitably attired
  7. Garbage must not be left by the roadside, and disposed of by the license holder
  8. Wholesale retail only
  9. Premise must be cleaned at the end of each business day
  10. Goods and equipment cannot be kept and rented temporary sites
  11. Haircuts and styling must be conducted by same gender service provider
  12. Ensure that flies do not bother nearby residents.
  13. Chlorinate sewage tank each week.
  14. Businesses must shut down temporarily 15 minutes prior to azan maghrib
  15. Services and operations which emit loud noises must end by 7pm
  16. Business must be conducted at the site or premise specifically allocated under the license agreement
  17. Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in business licenses being revoked without prior notice