• Urban And Rural Planning Act, 1976 (Act 172)

    To Play a Role as Authorities of Local Planning in the Area of Administration

    To Arrange, Control and Plan the Progress and Reuse of Land and Buildings in the Area

    To Put in Effort, Aid and Encourage the Collection, Maintenance and Broadcasting of Figures, Bulletin and Monograph and Others Associated With Urban and Rural Planning and Its Methodology

    To Execute All Other Tasks From Time To Time when Given the Responsibility By The State Authority

  • Road, Drain and Building Act, 1974 (Act 133) To Get Approval Building Plan

    To Get Approval for Building Plan

    To Control So As to Ensure All Land Work Are Carried Out According to the Stated Regulations

    To Ensure The Building of a Particular Building Follows the Approved Plan

    To Ensure The Use of a Particular Building Gets Approval from the Local Authority

    To Control the Use of Easily Flammable Materials in the Building of a Particular Building

    To Prepare the Infrastructure For Certain Advancements

    To Provide Control for Buildings in a State of Danger

    Timely Checks for Ready-made Buildings

    To Hand out Certificate of Fitness for Occupancy (CFO)