5k (KAF)
symbolise 5 cores of Kota Bharu Islamic City namely knowledge, submission, charity, cleanliness and prosperity.

Fan Slats
Symbolise the 6 pillars of faith
Crescent moon
symbolise the universality of Islam and the slanting shape symbolise a dynamic and futuristic Islam.
Bunga kerak nasi
the official flower of Kota Bharu Islamic City have 5 petals that symbolise the 5 pillars of Islam.
The colour green
is the colour of Islam, Islam as ad-deen that encompasses the relationship between humans and God, humans and humans and humans and the environment that fulfil the concept of "rahmatan Lil'alamin" that ensure peace, harmony and prosperity. The colour green symbolise the prosperity where all citizens are always fresh (spiritually and physically)
the symbol of the sovereignty of the ruler as the head of religion in Kelantan
The colour red
the official colour of Kelantan that represent the identity of the Kelantan people, resolute unity and commitment, courage and perseverance in bringing out the truth and facing challenges.
The archway of Istana Balai Besar
the symbol of Kota Bharu as a cultural and artistic city of Kelantan
Al-Quran and Rehal
as an icon of Kota Bharu Islamic City.
the symbol of development and advancement of Kota Bharu Bandaraya Islam