1. Local Government Act, 1976 (Act 171)

    To Provide Efficient and Effective City Services:

    - Management of Solid Wastes
    - Cleaning and Beautification of Location
    - Maintenance of Drains and Ditches
    - Building and Maintenance of Roads
    - Maintenance of Public Buildings
    - Maintenance of Public Areas
    - Prevention and Control of Public Health
    - Maintenance of Burial Grounds

    To Manage and Control All Allocated Financial Received:

    - Estimated Tax
    - Payment of License & Fines
    - Launching Grant
    - Yearly Grant Using a Balanced Scale
    - Grant For Development Projects
    - Road Maintenance Grant

    To Execute Development Projects On a Local Scale:

    - Housing
    - Trade & Industry
    - Recreational Facilities
    - City Infrastructure