Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is the main city centre for the state of Kelantan. The development of Kota Bharu, which began in 1844 as a King’s place of residence, now functions as the main centre for administration, business, finance, culture and education. Related to this, Kota Bharu City Council (or Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu - MPKB) is an organisation set up to handle the city’s administration. The land area of Kota Bharu is 115.64 km² with a population exceeding 300 thousand people.

Kota Bharu Old HomeKota Bharu Old Home

Kota Bharu was established in 1844 and was announced as the governing centre of the state of Kelantan by His Royal Excellency Sultan Muhammad the Second. In 1936, the city of Kota Bharu was upgraded as Kota Bharu Town Council (or Majlis Bandaran Kota Bharu - MBKB). MBKB was abolished and changed to Municipality Board (or Lembaga Bandaran) in 1971. In 1978  Kota Bharu Municipality Board was rearranged and was upgraded to become the Kota Bharu Municipality Council.